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English Language Development

Welcome - Bienvenidos

Title III Coach Message

 Welcome to the 20th Street Elementary School E.L.D. homepage. My name is Ms. Williams and I have the pleasure of supporting the staff and students of 20th Street Elementary as they work towards achieving their reclassification goals for English Learners. 


Daily reading is important!

You can help to improve your child's reading comprehension by reading together at home and discussing what you've read. 

* Whether you read in your native language or English, discussions about shared reading will help improve your child's comprehension skills.

Reading Levels:

Does your child know his or her reading level? Your child's teacher has shared their reading level with them. The reading level helps your child know which books are appropriate for them to read.



E.L. Parent Resources

To view E.L.D. Standards and the E.L. Master Plan in English and Spanish Click Here.